Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Okay...time for some fun!

My Intended Father arrived early yesterday morning and spend the day with the chldren and I.  We went for a walk with a friend of mine and her son and had supper and kept occupied :)

By the time hubby got home..it was late and I had send IF home hoping for him to get some rest. 

Today is I Day...that is.. Insemination day lol  I found this wicked chart online..hold on and I'll show you guys actually...

Hold on... I have to resave as I now have a different computer and for some reason I forgot that I need to re-save it now hahahahahaha ..should have had a V8 right?

sorry they're so big... but it was this or you couldn't see the words lol
Here is the chart I like to look at actually....not that I don't like to look at hte other...but this one is more encouraging I guess.

The second chart is for a girl..which is what we're aiming for!
Soo...now it is time to get super excited!!

That's the update for now...will come back tomorrow for a new one though!!



  1. my oh my it's getting close now!!! So exciting!!!! 2 more weeks!! I am soooooo flipping eager!!!