Thursday, August 26, 2010

Could You Share Your Map Please?

As I found... the decision to be a surrogate was much easier than understand what that decision MEANT.

I understand the main parts... carrying a child for someone else who can not. Check.

I signed onto a site where I could ask around for additional information... really understand what "carrying a child for someone else who can not" meant. I wanted to be an egg donor... so... what was that called?

Traditional Surrogate.

Was there another kind?

Apparently so... Gestational Surrogate.

So.. what was right for me?

I met this amazing couple who live only a few hours away from me. They were a same sex couple, who had been through a lot as it was. Before they had gotten together, one of them had already had surrogate. However, at birth, she changed her mind. He had trust her enough that he thought they didn't need a contract... and he sees his son 36 hours a week. I really felt for them, and wanted to help. They had an egg donor already, so everything was a go.

Not so much.

We soon found out that I did not qualify for IVF treatments. We parted our ways, promising to keep in touch. I was so sad... I felt so guilty.

However, the search was on again.

Learning more began.

Researched until my eyes wanted to jump out of my head... I would never get into another match unless I knew everything I could.


Asked questions.

Got answers.

Asked more questions.

I started to research for other people also. This helped, as they were asking valid questions... maybe questions I should have asked. I found that I really enjoyed helping... a lot. I liked looking things up for them. I was so grateful for this site... where would I have been without them?

June 29th, I had contact from a couple in Australia... maybe this was the start of something amazing... she seemed nervous, and at the same time, so was I.

And my journey began.

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